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According to the Internet Archive (, there are currently 85 billion web
pages on the Internet. WOW! If you are a real estate agent trying to find ways to get traffic to
your site, here are a some of the things we've used, or are using, to generate traffic to, The Site Enginesm.

First suggestion:
You should optimize your site for search. This must be done methodically and patiently.
Decide which search engine (of the 250+) you will optimize for. Decide on which search term
you will optimize for. You must be patient for the search engine to then spider your site. Once
you are found and ranked, you must test your ranking periodically - test at least as often as the
search engine changes it's method of ranking. If your rank changes, re-optimize for the search
engine. Be patient again. Continue to monitor the search engine. As more sites come online,
you will have to work harder to get top ranking for your search term.

Another part of search engine optimizing is getting other sites to link to you. But be careful,
the engines prefer certain types of back links more than others. You can request links from
good sites and also offer to trade links with good sites. There is concern that the trading of
links is now being frowned upon by the search engines.

(Of course this is one reason REindex was started. Real estate agents sell real estate.
Having a relevant website found should not be so hard. REindex links to listing agent sites
regardless of the optimization skills or effort of the owner. Humans at REindex look at every
site we link to. If we can't trust the site, we don't link to it.)

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