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The FHA is a valuable resource for any American who is looking to purchase a home with an affordable and fair interest rate. Another benefit that the FHA offers is housing counseling for homeowners, renters, buyers, and sellers. Housing counseling is offered for a wide variety of people. Some of the counseling services that FHA approved housing counselors offer include:

Senior citizens can get counseling about reverse mortgages to understand the full scope of what they are doing before making a decision about mortgaging their home.
Renters can get housing counseling on the cost of renting versus buying. This includes the mortgage payment versus rent payment, the maintenance of your own home versus limited maintenance when renting, the costs of homeowners insurance and property taxes when you own a home versus renting, the income you need to purchase a home, the qualifying process of purchasing a home, and much more.
Advice for those homeowners who are in default or foreclosure on their home loan. FHA-approved housing counselors offer many different possibilities and solutions to keep your home or get out of an unaffordable mortgage possibly without ruining your credit standing by using an FHA loan product.
Credit problems can also be addressed with housing counselors who can help you overcome your credit barriers so that you can purchase your own home.

Many people go to buy a home or get a mortgage loan without having any experience or information about the process. The FHA offers housing counseling in order to educate and inform consumers so that they know what they are getting into.

If you are a homeowner, a buyer, a seller, or interested in buying a home in the future, the FHA housing counselors can help you make an intelligent informed decision.
Go to this page for more information or here to select your state and find a FHA approved housing counselor now.

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