, The Site Enginesm: Top 10 States Searched Mid-Year 2007

REindex has published the top ten states surfed for real estate on its more than 30,000 web pages for the first half of 2007.


Washington, DC July 11, 2007 -- REindex has revealed the top ten states searched in the first half of 2007. The states with the most real estate searches were: Texas, Florida, New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, and Iowa. This list is being published to assist real estate market hobbyists as well as serious investors. Unlike reports of sales or permit applications, this list reflects where people are searching for real estate. It can indicate where the next moves may be.

"The Top Ten List is always an interesting report. We usually see the big states in the list, but the remaining members of the list are often a surprise," comments Heath Coker, site manager. The top ten report is not an indicator of a positive or negative real estate market for any state, but is an indicator of Internet search interest. For example, the mid-year 2007 report interestingly includes Michigan. This inclusion is interesting because Detroit has recently been in the news as having more than its share of foreclosures.

The top ten list may be an indicator of future closings. "There has to be a buyer in order for someone to sell, and even in markets that are not appreciating, buyers can find good values," says Coker. "Being on the list indicates that people have an interest in real estate there."

While media reports are mixed about whether investing in real estate is back on the upswing, some areas steadily improve. The number of opportunists looking for a foreclosed "steal of a deal" is increasing, but there are other markets that are still appreciating. Clint Simpson of Greenwood King in Houston says, "The houses here sell fast and we typically have bidding wars that result in a sale above list. All indications are that our market will be strong for the next few years."

REindex provides links to the real estate web sites that home seekers and investors are looking for. As states like Alabama, Texas, and Michigan have announced job growth, the REindex site review teams scour the net for useful real estate sites. REindex makes finding real estate by location much less tedious.

Because, The Site Enginesm, only links to sites that a human reviewer has approved for relevance, usefulness, and location, REindex has become a trusted site for surfers and agents. For additional information, contact Heath Coker.

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