We connect buyers and sellers
with experienced, full time real estate professionals.

We vet them, and connect you with a selection of pros WHERE YOU want to buy or sell. The BEST for you. You are our customer. The agents don't pay us, or share their commission with us.

We vet them for YOU. We work for you to FIND THE BEST AGENTS.

Why do we do this?    THE  Reason why we do this:
The average buyer and seller doesn't know the best vetting process.

We know what it is like to work with the best, and also with the others.
Why not choose one of the BEST !
  • Not all licensees are experienced, full time professionals.
  • Not all licensees are Brokers.
  • Not all licensees work all price points, well.
  • Not all licensees are full time.
  • Not all licensees are up to date with inventory, forms, trends, and technology.
  • Most licensees work in best in the 4 towns around their own town.
  • Only about 1/2 of the licensees in the United States are a member of any MLS
  • Thus, only about half of licensees are REALTORS
  • REALTORS are guided by the NAR Code of Ethics Prefers to work with EXPERIENCED REALTORS,
and the average buyer and seller doesn't know the best vetting process.

Ok, What's The Cost?

To the buyer or seller - $500.

REindex does not ask the real estate professional for any of their commission. We are hired by YOU to vet licensees. We ask them the questions you don't know to ask.

The Buyer or Seller can consult REindex up to the closing. This is to help be a sounding board so that you can verify common practices in your local area of interest.

Examples of what you might consult REindex about:
Some states are Title Company States, and others are Lawyer States. Both have normal procedures and forms that the others don't.
Some areas have many many pages of disclosures, and forms, and other papers, and others have fewer pages.
Some areas close/complete a transaction in 30 days, and other areas take longer to close.
Mortgage procedures can vary at price point and area - flood zones, investment zone, first or second home
Permitting / Inspection procedures vary.
Etc. , Etc. , Etc. ...

Send us an email, or call us, stating
what and where you want to find real estate.
Our network of experienced, full time real estate
professionals covers the globe.

Real estate licensees are reviewed
by our staff, not robots.
We connect buyers and sellers with
full time real estate professionals.

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508-548-8888 (real people 9-8 Eastern)
We answer email asap, and we answer the phone in person. helps real estate buyers and real estate sellers find experienced professionals. These real estate professionals are interviewed by our staff, not robots. Our network is global, and our professionals are the most experienced licensees in the areas they work in.

Most buyers and sellers of real estate do not realize that most successful licensees work in a 5 town geographic area - near where they live. We are constantly reviewing our connections within the network to make sure we have the best and most experienced network to rely on. We help connect the buying and selling public with the most active and experienced licensees for good reason.
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We answer email asap, and we answer the phone when you call.
We are licensed real estate professionals who are active in our own local area.